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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy and personal information provided by clients is of high importance to Optimus. The following sets out Optimus’s policy and practice for the collection, retention, use and disclosure of personal information supplied in connection with transactions by past, present and future clients.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information is information that is specific to the individual and includes a person's name, address, telephone numbers, telefax numbers, email addresses, date of birth, Social Insurance Number and account numbers. General information pertaining to classes of individuals in the aggregate without the identification of a specific person is not regarded as Personal Information.

When is Personal Information Collected?

Optimus complies with the Personal Information Protection Act, S.A. 2003, c. P-65 in the collection and retention of Personal Information required to provide clients with products and services and for conducting business with clients. There will be no collateral use of the Personal Information collected.


In the interest of accuracy clients are encouraged to advise Optimus of changes to their Personal Information and of errors detected.

Use of the Personal Information

Personal Information is collected in order to process clients' subscriptions, to respond to subsequent enquiries and to permit Optimus to fulfill its reporting obligations to clients and to applicable governmental and regulatory agencies where required. Some examples include:

  • Confirmation of client identity to protect against fraud, errors and inaccuracies;

  • The opening and administration of client accounts;
  • Tax filings with CRA where required;

  • Distribution of funds, reporting statements and documents;
  • The processing of subsequent transactions; and

  • Circulation of information about new investment opportunities.

Retention Period

Personal Information is destroyed, erased or depersonalized when no longer required to be retained by law or for the purposes set out above.

Access to Personal Information

Personal Information will be accessed by Optimus’s administrative staff and agents for the administration of client accounts as and when required on a need to know basis. Optimus will take every reasonable measure to safeguard Personal Information from unauthorized access, use and circulation.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Without a client's prior express written consent Optimus will not sell, loan, circulate or lease Personal Information to any person or entity unless required by law. Nor will Personal Information be shared with anyone beyond Optimus’s administrative staff, its agents and professionals, on a need to know basis only, unless required by law.


Security measures appropriate to the protection of Personal Information will be an ongoing priority at Optimus. This will include ensuring that access is available only to authorized personnel by means of protected password and encryption technology.