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Our Approach

A unique, results orientated approach that focuses on maximizing returns. 

With more than $3 billion in real estate transactions and professional experience in the areas of accounting, securities law, engineering and finance, Optimus is armed with key leaders that are laser focused on one thing: maximizing returns for our investors. Why? Because we’re investors too. And here’s proof: our management team and board have close to $16 million of our own cash invested into this Fund. That’s why we’ve eliminated many common investor drawbacks of typical exempt market real estate investments.

Common Exempt Market Approach Optimus Approach
Issuers make a return throughout the investment term regardless of profitability. No profits received before principal is returned to investors.
Nominal if any cash investment by issuer management and promoters. $16 million invested by management and board directly alongside investors.
High asset management and other front end fees. Well below average asset management fees of 0.75% of invested Funds.
Price marked up on properties prior to Fund acquisition. Absolutely NO property markups – lowest possible acquisition prices.
Financial statements and appraisals not readily available. Annual KPMG audited financial statements and independent property appraisals for all investors.
Limited relevant experience and track record. Highly experienced professional North American management team ($3B).